Stir not love, until it awakens itself
Search not for peace, he will present himself
Do not avenge, for you still have your soul
And nothing but that is worth fighting for
Search not for help, it has already been given to you
Search not for something to save because salvation has been given through
A Lover who loves deeper than can be known
And a man who will block every stone
That is thrown at you,
You may be confused
But He is a refuge,
He is a protector
And though you may have never had one before
To protect your heart or your honor
In the precious name of love,
A million things may have been done
To you, but for you, I desire a whole heart
A heart that can love and trust, unmarked
A new spirit, a new innocence, one to be careful with
Life might not permit second chances but that’s what He is
For He is above life and all else,
He is the one who will keep your heart on a shelf,
Safe from those who only want it to please themselves,
Safe from those who want to tack it on their wall with nails
Pretty artwork for their gallery
Along with all the other girls that they
Have whispered love-filled secrets to
You’re not alone, I’m standing here with you
Hope, hope, we’ll find it one day
Hope, hope is engrained in His name


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